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Schluff Jull - founded 1985 as a psychedelic six-man project, developed a characteristic style thanks to the musicians‘ enthusiasm for playing which was oriented on American rock music (Allman Brothers, The Band, Dead), but which rejected the then widespread copying of the well-known Westcoast and Southern Rock-Repertoires. Schluff Jull used mainly their own material from the beginning. The band increasing to at least 10 members and the expansion of its classic rock section, to include percussion and wind instruments, went hand in hand with the improvment in their musical possibilities.

MichaelToday, Schluff Jull have integrated elements from rock, blues, soul, folk and jazz into a mature, individual sound which is between clever song arrangement and imaginative improvisation with which - similar to American bands like Phish or Blues Traveler - keep the music alive and develop it further in the spirit of the legendary Grateful Dead.

Schluff Jull‘s origin and concept make them a band, which beyond the three-and-a-half minute format, has a comfortable, relaxed relationship with the factor of time. Complex songs with a lot of scope for improvisation and individual musical atmosphere as well as the feel for the spontaneity of the moment, characterize the likeable group from Viersen. A continually developed 60-song repertoire enables Schluff Jull to frequently vary their sets and doubtlessy makes the band more attractive as alive act. Calculated rock drama has no place at a Schluff Jull Concert. Keeping to their songs and reviding them from time to time reflects the philosophy of the musicians around the songwriter, lead singer and guitarist Olaf Kalemba. The silent demand contained in the approch - for a period of maturity for music and its interpreters - is consistendly met by Schluff Jull themselves.

This fact which is really worth listening to, is confirmed by the band‘s first album - a live recording of a Christmas concert given in Viersen. The Cd Heartlines on Taxim Records is much more than a snapshot of a home concert in Viersen, it is the long-overdue calling card from a self-confident band.
The second album CIRCLIN`ROUND A SUN has been released in May 98. Relix magazine from the USA called it really true quality music!

Thanks to Hildegard and Robert

Schluff Jull 2009


Michael Arndt

sound, bg vocals

Michael Becker


Karl-H. "Kalla" Bockholt


Thomas Holtschoppen

keyboards, bg vocals

Olaf Kalemba

guitar, vocals

Jürgen Liebert

tenor sax

Georg "Schorsch" Rikken

trumpet, flugelhorn

Horst Schulz

sopran sax, alt sax

Detlef Jacobs


Heinz Wiskozil

guitar, bg vocals   

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